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October 6, 2015
Highly pleiotropic compound
Highly pleiotropic compound
November 2, 2015

The cause of the sexual disorder may lie in your mind

sexual disorder

The main causes of the potency disorders in men are the vascular and endocrine disorders, neurological and organic disorders. But every seventh case shows that the search of the problem should be performed in the sphere of psychology.

In most cases the erectile dysfunction is not an independent disease, but the result of some exterior abnormalities, mostly of psychological character. The psychological trauma received in childhood or the trauma of sexual character may later become the cause of impotency.

sexual disorder

There are the following psychological reasons of erectile dysfunction:

One of them is stress received as a result of overloads at work, lack of money, problems at home or other similar problems.

Anxiety, worry. Excessive worry about the failures in sexual life may also be a cause of the erectile dysfunction.
The sense of guilt. The inability to satisfy one’s partner and personal satisfaction also influences the potency negatively. This situation becomes a kind of an endless circle.

Constant depression is one of the most frequent causes of the erectile dysfunction. It is worthy of not that medications aimed at its treatment only aggravate an illness.

The lack of self-esteem. Such lack of confidence covers all spheres of life, including its most intimate side.
The indifference towards partner. It is not worth trying if the woman beside you does not affect your emotions and feelings.

It is worthy of note that absolutely EVERY man experienced the problems with potency at least once in a lifetime. But it is possible to speak about the real erectile dysfunction only when the sufficient number, more than half, ended unsuccessfully. If failures like this (your or your partner’s) occur too often, it is a reason to consult the doctor. There is a possibility that the problem is the consequence of some of the causes mentioned above. Psychotherapy may be helpful in such cases.

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