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Welcome, We are happy to see you at Canadian Health and Care Mall www.ecanadianhealthandcaremall.com - perhaps, the best online drugstore in Northern America. We are proud to be the one of the very few medications sellers keeping oath to fair play in business and transparency in pricing model. With Canadian Health and Care Mall you save money because of your savvy choice: we care about the most valuable you have in life - your health and health of your beloved ones. Being one of the most highly appreciated drugstore in Canada according to DoctorMD polls in 2013, we promise that we put maximum effort into providing safe, cost-effective and truly efficient medications.

Revolutionizing the online drugs shopping experience

Established on the rise of the global web in 2001, we have been working hard to become a better place to buy medications at. Thus, not only we have managed to increase our product lineup and enhance numerous additional services we provide - we have eliminated the problem of poor quality by securing contracts with drugs manufacturers, something the industry needs desperately. A standout from the crowd, Canadian Health&Care Mall Official generates more than 15,000 orders per moths, helping of customers save considerable amounts of money on medications and return to normal life. We always have something for everyone, and this is why thousands of Canadians and US customers make a choice in favour of Canadian Health&Care Mall:

  • 1. Totally affordable pricing
  • 2. Unsurpassed customer service
  • 3. Finest quality of drugs
  • 4. A generous loyalty program
  • 5. Drudgery-free, intuitive user experience

Canadian Health and Care Mall has no analogs in the region - you can be 100% sure you are making the best possible choice. A huge selection of drugs, from the most popular medications to rare generic modifications, always in stock and delivered to your door, you will love the way we sell drugs at Canadian Health and Care Mall.

Real Testimonials

How did we make & why people love what we do

With all its shortcomings and weak points, you can take numerous advantages of Canadian medicine. Yes, the treatment efficiency of private medicine is hardly comparable with the one in public healthcare institutions.

What you will not be able to do with your healthcare insurance is to get prescription drugs for no cost, so you will have to pay the full (and oftentimes excessively high) price for the drugs you need. Selfsame, you will not be able to get some of the prescriptions drugs without prescription. And this is where Health and Care Mall comes to the rescue - you will not only pay approximately 14% less (according to the survey conducted in first 2 Google results pages on around 50 queries), but also will be able to buy any drugs with no prescription.

In case of returning customers, things look even more advantageous - thus, you can take full advantage of our loyalty programs, personal bonuses and promotions to reduce your expenses by 35% and even 40%.

We are raising the bar of quality to a next gen level - and this is the result of our risky, yet ambitious bet on long-term development our founding fathers have made at the very beginning. Throughout almost 17 years of existence our company has been proving its incredible efficiency, which helped to secure a series of win-win contracts with manufacturing centers around the globe.

Thus, we are 100% sure in the quality we offer as the products are shipped to our warehouse directly from production facilities. Not accidently, we are one of the very few industry players offering a comprehensive refund program. So you have really nothing to worry about - your choice is thoroughly protected from all the angles. Our gigantic efforts are highly appreciated by the constantly growing legion of customers - people love savings and high quality customer service all around. And we are sure you are, a savvy person like you (after all, you have managed to find and distinguish a decent online drugstore from zillions of fake and scam platforms) will like the our approaches.

The loyalty program that leaves no doubts regarding the choice

Yes, ecanadianhealthandcaremall.com not interested in fast buck prospects. The long way we have made to the current positions allows to say we have chosen the right path. A successful business means happy customers, so making you happy is our top priority and a universal goal we pursue. We have launched our loyalty program in aspiration to provide thousands of Canadians with an exclusive opportunity to get cheap, quality drugs.

An extremely ambitious affair, we have challenged the popular point of view that playing fair and providing a totally unique experience without enormous investments is impossible. As it turned out, impossible was just a loud word. Actions and hard work have done their thing. Now you can take advantage of the benefits that have virtually no analogs in the web.

● Returning customers save up to 30%. As long as you are buying drugs from Canadian Health&Care Mall Company on a regular basis within 6+ months, you take advantage of personal discounts from 3% to 30%. These discounts work permanently, so even if you managed to get an impressive 30% discount, it will be there with your profile throughout its existence.

● Save up to 10% on bulk orders. The more products you buy, the bigger discount you have. Cut down your expenses by up to 10% buying 2+ products per order.

● Bonuses and coupon codes. Our website is designed to reward our clients randomly with personal discounts, coupon codes and bonuses (an additional pack of drug, a bonus pack of drug with identical active ingredient, etc.). Almost 50% of orders get upgraded - so the odds to make the most of your purchase are always very good.

● Promotions and seasonal discounts. Do you like discounts and promotions? We like them too! This is why we normally have a at least one long-term seasonal promotion and at least a couple of short-term promotions on a regular basis.

Working side by side with the top league professionals

We have never concealed the fact that the sky-high success we’ve managed to achieve is the product of long years of hard work. Long years of test and trials, big risks, smart high and low level decisions and myriads of outstanding solutions - we are grateful to the Team, the people we work side by side to enhance the experience of shopping for drugs online by making pharmaceuticals accessible, easy and safe to buy. From a tiny firm run by 3 individuals we are in the process of rapid evolution and have already exceeded the mark of 75 employees.

While most of our rivals are too carried away by the money-making race, invest in short-term opportunities like creation of clone websites or Google manipulation to get into that desired top-5 pantheon, we invest money into bright minds. From the bottom to the top, from support assistants to the global directors of sales and marketing, a synergy of efforts allows us implement the most ambitious goals. By implementing offbeat strategies and utilising narrowly focused, smart approaches we not only stay afloat, but find ourselves comfortably among the most reputable drugstores in Canada.

By making a choice in favour of Canadian Health&Care Mall you get the guarantee of the best price, quality, customer service and future opportunities in the industry. Just give our platform a try, and you will never regret the day you’ve made your mind to sign in.

Helping to overcome erectile dysfunction effortlessly

Until recently, it was thought that erectile dysfunction - is a problem that inevitably occurs in men with age. However, this view is by far hasn’t received any scientific justification. The relationship between age and erectile dysfunction caused only by the fact that over the years, the risk of systemic diseases in men increases. Accordingly, male body is more susceptible to somatopathy diseases. At the same time those living healthy life and support their own health, enjoy their impressive sexual activity 50 and even 70 years. So there’s plenty of evidence that the main factor for the pandemia of the 21st century is the result of unhealthy lifestyle.

At Canadian Health and Care Mall we help thousands of males overcome the delicate, and undeniably tough problems through education and accessible quality drugs. Thus you can not only buy affordable Canadian Generic Viagra or Kamagra in dozens of forms and modifications, but also make use of personal, confidential professional consultations and numerous educational materials we provide.

So the key factors that trigger erectile dysfunction are typically divided into several groups: Endocrine factors are associated with disruption of the endocrine glands, testosterone providing education. This may be a consequence of genetic diseases, tumors or trauma. In this case, erectile dysfunction treatment efficiency are considered to be ‘very high’.

Neurological factors are associated with a large group of diseases of the peripheral nerves, the brain or spinal cord. It also includes perineal trauma and pelvic organs. Again the chances are considered to be ‘moderately high’.

Psychological factors mean that erectile dysfunction is caused by stress, depression, neurosis, fatigue or fear of failure in the bed. Problems in the relationship with a partner, as well as frequent change of sexual partners can also lead to erectile dysfunction. In this case the efficiency of treatment is getting close to 99.5% mark. Among the most common causes of erectile dysfunction problems with blood vessels are the most well-known provokers of erection problems. Due to the violation of blood flow to the penis erection occurs very slowly (or it may rapidly disappear), making a full sexual intercourse hardly possible.

But what you should really learn from this fact is that PDE-5 inhibitors, a class of drugs pioneered by Generic Viagra (more info at www.canadianhealthcaremalll.com/viagra-sildenafil), represent the first-choice mean for treatment in 72% of cases. The unparalleled efficiency of PDE-5 inhibitors has been confirmed in dozens of trials initiated by Big Pharma companies and generic manufacturers. The treatment efficacy is observed in around 80% of cases. Using quality pills in accordance with the annotation is essential to guarantee decent results. We are sure you will follow the rules to ensure quick recovery. As for the quality pills - you are at the right place to take advantage of the best offers in the industry.

The miraculous blue pill effect. Even cheaper now!

The legendary blue pill heralded the new era in erectile dysfunction treatment, but even years after it has hit the shelves of drugstores, it has managed to maintain its status of a powerful anti-ED weapon. Finding itself comfortably on top of the bestselling ED drugs, Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) is now produced by dozens of generic and world’s most famous companies, providing you with a rich selection of variations that suit you perfectly. Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy is pleased to offer an exclusive lineup of Viagra modifications: ranging from 2.5mg extremely gentle modifications to 120mg heavy artillery pills, you will definitely pick up the option that guarantees outstanding effect.

Moreover, it is not only the selection of drugs we are willing to offer - at Canadian Health and Care Mall we keep prices low… even lower than you can imagine with our latest promotion. Get your problems solved in a quick, totally effective way and save up to 15% on Viagra drugs. Place your order right away!

When other means are useless… You have Canadian Cialis.

At Canadian Health and Care Mall - ecanadianhealthandcaremall.com you can take advantage of the most powerful and accessible PDE-5 inhibitor weaponry: whether you are willing to give a low concentration 2.5mg starter option a try or looking to unlock your full potential with 100mg pills, at Health&Care Mall you can choose the option that meets your requirements perfectly… and save money! Take advantage of our latest Canadian Cialis promo and save up to 20% on your purchases with no extra efforts needed. It is that simple and easy!

Boasting a reputation of a wickedly powerful action that lasts for up to 36 hours, tadalafil-based Cialis drives your sexual energy and enables you to experience the buzz of feeling incomparably mighty in bed. Your sexual problems will never bother you again - make use of a time-tested, proven drug and live the full life with no limits in sex. A significantly reduced list of contraindications and side effects, Cialis is the best option you can have today, leaving nothing else to be desired.

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